HVO-4000MT 4K 2D and 3D video recorder
HVO-4000MT 4K 2D and 3D video recorder
HVO-4000MT 4K 2D and 3D video recorder
HVO-4000MT 4K 2D and 3D video recorder

HVO-4000MT 4K 2D and 3D video recorder

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The Sony HVO-4000MT is already firmly established as the most versatile, feature-rich 4K 2D and 3D medical recorder in its class. With the addition of DICOM Modality Work List support for a smooth metadata workflow and an HD input for flexible video integration, it’s now an even more compelling choice for clinical teams.

4K input support for 2D and 3D formats

HVO-4000MT accepts 4K video signal via four 3G-SDIs. Supported formats include 2D as well as 3D. For 3D input signals Line-by-Line as well as Top-and-Bottom are supported which will be recorded in top-and-bottom 3D video format.

In addition, HVO-4000MT accepts HD video input via 3G-SDI. Supported formats are 1920 x 1080 59.94p/50p (2D BT.709 only. Requires firmware version 1.2 or later).

Long recording time

The recorder’s high-capacity 4TB disk drive allows long duration video recording, even in 4K. Three image quality settings (Standard/High/Best) permit between 46 and 119 hours of 4K video recording (or between 311 and 634 hours of Full HD video recording). Individual recordings can be up to 24 hours long meaning even long and complex operations or procedures can be recorded easily.

4K/FHD simultaneous recording

HVO-4000MT is able to record FHD images from 4K images internally. This is particularly useful when balancing the need for the higher resolution 4K images, with the more common daily use of FHD videos. HVO-4000MT provides the solution to meet this dual demand.

Designed for use in surgical environment

Light and compact design

For ease of use and integration with medical carts, the HVO-4000MT’s compact design saves space with its sleek dimensions of 305 mm (W) x 115.5 mm(H) x 329 mm (D) and 6.5 kg of weight.

Unmatched video quality on front panel

HVO-4000MT has a 3.5” colour (960 x 540 pixel) LCD on the front panel showing current input image and status, playback images and recorder settings. It allows users to control video input as well as change settings without an external display.


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