Diathermy Pencil with Smoke Evacuation Attachment

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The Diathermy Pencil with Smoke Evacuation Attachment by Atris.

Electrosurgical smoke has been shown to contain many potential harmful components. Surgical smoke can decrease site visibility and impact air quality in the operating room.

Our Diathermy Pencil with Smoke Evacuation Attachment is designed to reduce and capture surgical plume surgical smoke at the source creating a cleaner air environment and surgical visibility during surgical procedure. Our telescopic electrosurgical pencils integrate surgical smoke evacuation for your surgical and economic needs.

All Atris smoke evacuation pencils are comparable with all smoke evacuator units on the market like Medtronic, ConMed, Buffalo, Stryker, Bovie and others.

Product information:

  • Pencil supplied with attachable sleeve
  • Compatible with most push button pencils
  • Interchangeable electrodes for various procedures

Quantity: 10 pieces per box 

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