Sucrose 24% Preservative Free Sterile Oral Solution

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Sucrose 24% Preservative Free Sterile Oral Solution for pediatric use. As a single-dose allows a safe administration, and simplifies clinician workflow by allowing the administration of sucrose directly onto the tip of an infant's tongue or buccal surface.

Ideal for use in place of traditional cups which can be easily split and significant wastage reported. In the neonatal environment, infection control issues are minimised, reducing the length of time vials are left opened awaiting reapplication.

It can be used throughout the Neonatal Unit, Paediatric & Post Natal Wards as well as Community Midwifery teams. Administrated straight from the vial or dripped on to a pacifier, no syringe required.

Product information:

Sucrose 24% can be used to help calm and comfort stressed babies when they are undergoing painful procedures including heel pricks and eye exams. Many centres around the world routinely give a few drops of sucrose solution in to the baby’s mouth a couple of minutes before the painful procedure.

  • Each vial contains 1ml or 2ml of sucrose solution 24%.
  • Sterile, Preservative-Free – packaged pharmaceutical
  • grade sterile to ensure it’s bacteria and mold-free.
  • Convenient vials administer just a drop at a time.
  • Less waste, no spills.
  • Strip vials with resealable tops
  • Sucrose 24% Preservative Free Sterile Oral Solution
  • Atris strips of 5 vials
Quantity: 100 vials per box

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