SweetUms - Preservative-Free 2ml Vials

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SweetUms - Preservative-Free 2ml Vials helps calm and soothe babies in distress and during painful procedures.

Why 24% sucrose solution?

Product information:  

Sucrose is a non-pharmacologic intervention that has been widely studied and proven to associated with statistically and clinically significant reductions in infant discomfort.

Just a couple of drops on a pacifier or on the tip of the tongue, a few minutes before a painful procedure, are sufficient.

  • Convenient vials administer just a drop at a time.
  • Less waste, no spills.
  • Translucent, purple-tinted vials indicate "oral use"
  • eliminate confusion, easy to see in bed
  • Rounded tapered shape won’t hurt delicate skin
  • For use in any clinical setting where babies are treated
  • Two-year shelf life in unopened containers.
  • Single dose, single patient use.
  • Each drop is approximately 40 µl (microliters).
  • Tip allows controlled administration directly to tongue or buccal surface

Product Code: 2001

Quantity: 100 vials per box

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