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Spes Medica adhesive electrode has a special shape and a specific size studied to permit a perfect registration even from the small muscles. The solid gel is developed especially for this application and give to the electrode a stable adhesion on the skin and it can be repositioned many times without the risk to dirt the skin of the patient.

The Spes Medica adhesive electrode is made by biocompatible soft materials that permit the best comfort to the patient. The special manufacturing technique “Hot-melt” gives a strong connection between the electrode and the lead-wire. - Hydrogel guarantees excellent adhesion and repositioning even at different times

Product information:

  • High quality recordings due to low impedance
  • Indicated for long-term testing
  • Hydrogel consists of biocompatible materials that have been tested on the most delicate skin types
  • Available in different shapes and sizes to allow ideal recordings even on smaller muscles

Product Code: DENIS 

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