Atris Ultrasound Transmission Clear Gel (Flip lid with valve)

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Atris Ultrasound Transmission Clear Gel (Flip lid with valve) Apply directly to probe, treatment or diagnostic area. The amount required will depend on size of the area.

The gel may be removed with a towel or tissue. 

General uses:

Ultrasounds to MRIs
Atris Ultrasound Transmission Blue Gel is a viscous gel that is designed for multiple medical uses from the traditional pregnancy ultrasound to other acoustic imaging procedures like MRIs or certain bone imaging.

Hygienic and Safe

Because of its multi-platform use, the gel is designed to be hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, and non-sensitizing. It will not stain clothes, damage imaging transducers, or irritate patient skin.

Product information:

  • 250ml Bottle
  • Clear Gel
  • Smooth and non-greasy
  • Odourless
  • Water soluble and non-irritating
  • Pop top lid
  • Compatible with ultrasound transducers and is an efficient coupling medium.
Quantity: 12 bottles per box
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