Barkey S-line

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The Barkey  S-Line  | Smart – Simple – Safe

Product information:

Advanced technology: One-touch-control

  • The Barkey s-line warms blood products and infusions up to the patient.
  • The electrically heated and single-sided opening heating device is capable of accepting standard IV-sets
  • The Barkey s-line is simple to operate in all medical departments
  • It is extremely easy to clean due to its smooth surface
  • Its large and flexible application areas at low to medium flow rates result in an optimum alternative to cost-intensive blood heaters with single-use articles.

    Avoidance of hypothermia

    Warmth is the key to your patients’ well- being! With Barkey’s inexpensive s-line devices you can apply warmth which eases treatment for all patients and accelerates the healing process. The result: care personnel has less work and treatment costs are reduced.

    Made-to-order technology for Medicine

    • Summary of further benefits
    • Guarantee best warming and highest safety
    • Complete casing of IV-Sets & therefore optimum warming 
    • No additional consumer articles
    • Warming of blood return feeds or dialysis fluids in combination with devices for replacement kidney therapy
    • Warming on enteral and/or parenteral nutrition
    • Operational safety thanks to preset target temperature value
    • Display of actual temperature of the heating sleeve
    • Available in ra range of diameter
    • Smooth surface, therefore simple to wash and disinfect
    • Use of exclusively bio-compatible materials
    • Optical and acoustic alarm signal in fault situation 

    Exclusive innovative technological solutions at the highest quality standards and specialised benefits in practice - this is the basis for the success of the holistic Barkey heating concept. Barkey has earned its excellent reputation with exclusive engineering know-how in medical technology over the last 25 years.

    The proverbial quality and practical suitability of the devices and systems “made in Germany” has established itself in a wide range of applications.

    Real innovations and problem solutions which provide the user with specific benefits can only be developed by people who keep their ears and eyes open, who talk to specialists in practice and recognise their requirements in good time.

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