Bipolar Forceps
Bipolar Forceps
Bipolar Forceps
Bipolar Forceps

Bipolar Forceps Straight Single Use with Cable

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Bipolar Forceps Straight come with an included cable, these straight bipolar forceps can be used with either the new Bovie or Vallylab electrosurgical units.

Single use and comes in a sterile pack making it safe and cost effective choice.

Product information:
  • Sterile packaged forceps for single use in general surgeries 
  • TGA compliant 2-pin bipolar plugs, with adaptors available for all electrosurgical units
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Various sizes & and configurations available
  • High quality stainless instrument and nylon insulation has same feel as reusable instruments.

Tip sizes available: 0.25mm | 0.5mm | 1mm | 1.5mm

Tips available: Smooth tip | Serrated Tip | Non-Stick Tip available

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