ECG Electrode - Holter Cloth Electrode

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ECG Electrode SKINTACT® W601 Stress Test & Holter ECG Electrodes for Adults – The Professional‘s Choice 

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  • Gel: Aqua-Tac
  • Connector: Snap
  • Backing: Soft Cloth
  • Dimensions: 50 mm
  • ECG Electrode

Excellent Trace Quality.
Quick and consistently excellent signal quality is obtained with: Aqua-Wet and Aqua-Set gel. Using ECG Electrode Easiprep further improves trace quality.

Secure Adhesion.
The enhanced adhesive sticks reliably even when the patient is perspiring. The protective foam backing is impermeable to liquids, SKINTACT stress test electrodes are therefore suitable for Echo, too.

Product Code: W601

Quantity: 1500 pieces per box

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