ECG Electrode - Holter Electrode + Event recording

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ECG Electrode - SKINTACT™ TV001 Holter Electrode + Event recording.

Excellent quality ECG recordings are dependent on three main factors: good skin preparation, superior quality electrodes, and a continuous unbroken electrical pathway from the skin to the ECG machine.

Electrodes often have to perform under very strenuous conditions, therefore Leonhard Lang dedicates valuable time and attention to the design and construction of their electrodes; carefully selecting only the finest quality materials and component parts to produce them.

All SKINTACT® ECG electrodes meet ANSI/AAMI EC12 on disposable ECG electrodes, ISO 10993 on bio-compatibility and the European Medical Device Directive. 

Product information:

  • Gel: Aqua-Wet
  • Connector: Offset-Snap
  • Backing: Microporous Tape
  • Adhesive: Standard + Adhesive Ring
  • Dimensions: 66 mm x 60 mm
  • ECG Electrodes


  • Holter and Event Recording ECG Electrodes for Adults.
  • Skin-friendly Microporous Tape adapts well to body contours, increasing comfort. Tape - backed SKINTACT electrodes promote breathability and transpiration, important in long term applications. 
  • AQUA-WET: A liquid gel designed for fast pick up of the ECG signal even if inadequate skin prep is carried out. Aqua-Wet electrodes are an ideal choice for short term procedures. They give dependable quick tracing with easy application and removal. 24 months shelf life.
  • Patient Comfort. The light microporous backing of SKINTACT T-604 B and T-VO01 promote breathability and ensure skin friendly comfort during holter ECG.
  • Innovative Electrode. SKINTACT T-VO01 comes with an Adhesive Ring for High Performance applications. This ring provides superb adhesion and protects the gel from drying out. Motion artifacts are reduced to a minium.
  • Easy to open tear pouch and a handling aid on all SKINTACT monitoring electrodes facilitate use.
  • 60 x 66mm
  • Diaphoretic, Hypoallergenic, AG/AGCL
  • Pack of 30 
  • PVC free
  • Latex free
  • Universal Snap connector

Product Code: TV001

Quantity: 300 pieces per box 
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