ECG Electrode - Low Cost Multipurpose Electrode

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ECG Electrode - SKINTACT ECG Electrode FSTC1 low cost, multipurpose ECG Electrodes are designed to provide a high quality trace for all ECG applications. The latest in technological and production methodology enables us to convert these technical advances into a new generation of high quality, low cost, multifunctional ECG electrodes.

Product information: 

  • Gel: Aqua-Tac
  • Connector: Snap
  • Backing: Foam
  • Adhesive: Enhanced
  • Dimensions: 35 x 41 mm
  • Size: Universal
  • ECG Electrode

The SKINTACT ECG electrodes on cards of ten are a no compromise approach to quality and variety at very competitive prices.  The label material overlaps the electrode and creates a lift tab which allows the clinical staff to handle the electrode easily even when wearing surgical gloves. The enhanced adhesion assures that the electrodes stick very securely ensuring good contact even when the patient is perspiring. 

Manufactured using Leonhard Langs unique C-LINE technology which ensures that every electrode will be fresh providing you with exceptional consistency in quality of recordings at very affordable prices.  Skintact electrodes are made from environmentally friendly materials, they can be disposed of using standard waste disposal procedures unless your clinical protocol or local code requires special treatment. 

Skintact electrodes are designed and manufactured using only proven biocompatible materials that provide the quality you expect, yet are kind to the patients skin. Performance and safety of all Skintact electrodes and other ECG products have been designed and stringently tested according to all applicable standards

Product Code: FSTC1

Quantity: 1500 pieces per box 

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