ECG Electrode - Diagnostic ECG Foam Solid Gel Electrodes

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ECG Electrodes SKINTACT™   FSRG1 Foam Solid Gel Electrodes

Skintact ECG Electrodes FSRG1/10 foam solid gel electrodes feature Aqua-Tac gel adhesive for superior adhesion in all situations.

Product information:

  • Gel: Aqua-Tac Solid Gel
  • Connector: Snap
  • Backing: Foam
  • Adhesive: Enhanced
  • Dimensions: 32x41mm / Packet 500
  • Size: Adult

Excellent Trace Quality: The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of SKINTACT ECG Electrodes easitabs provides a realiable signal tracing of consistent high quality.

Secure Adhesion and Patient Comfort: SKINTACT ECG Electrodes easietabs feel soft but stick well to the patients skin. After the ECG they can be removed comfortably - without loss of hair.

Superior Safety: Proper use of SKINTACT ECG Electrodes easitabs eliminates cross infection whereas suction electrodes breed bacteria and fungi.

Time Efficiency: Unlike suction electrodes, SKINTACT ECG Electrodes easietabs on a handy card are applied quickly on all types of patients. Aqua-Tac gel requires no clean up after the ECG. Easiprep and Easiclip tab adaptors further faciilitate your success.

Product Code: FS-RG1/10

Quantity: 1500 pieces per box 

High quality trace for demanding conditions

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