Radio translucent electrode for MRI and X-Ray

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Skintact FS-RCG/10 Radiolucent ECG Electrodes are manufactured with only the highest quality materials to be transparent, but not invisible, to X-Rays and during Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Skintact's Aqua-Wet liquid gel conductive medium is designed for fast pick up of the EKG signal even with inadequate skin prep and is ideal for short term procedures. In addition to reliable quality recordings, the Aqua-Wet gel on the X-Ray / MRI Translucent Electrodes is easily applied and removed with minimal skin reactions to the patient.

Product information:

  • Transparent but not invisible to X-Rays and during magnetic resonance imaging
  • Liquid gel designed for fast pick up of the EKG signal even if skin prep is inadequate
  • Ideal for demanding applications that test electrode stability
  • Foam backing protects sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids and permits maximum flexibility

Dimensions: 32 x 46 mm

Product Code: FS-RCG/10

Quantity: 1500 pieces per box
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