Parker Aquasonic Sterile Gel - 20ml Sachet

Parker Aquasonic Sterile Gel - 20ml Sachet

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Parker Aquasonic Sterile Gel - 20ml Sachet is based on the same "can't be copied" formula of the world standard Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel, yet has no fragrance or color.

Acoustically accurate for a broad range of frequencies, Aquasonic will not damage equipment, stain clothing or irritate skin. Gentle gel moistening of skin assures clear, excellent transmission of ultrasound waves.

Recommended by leading manufacturers of medical ultrasound equipment.

STERILE AQUASONIC 100 is recommended for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications when sterility is indicated.

Product information: 

  • Easy to open
  • Overwrapped, sterilized foil pouches
  • Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used in medical ultrasound
  • Narrow, more precise dispensing
  • Non-irritating
  • Completely aqueous, will not stain clothing or damage equipment
  • Not a spermicide

Product Code: 500-316001

Quantity: 48 sachets per box

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