Pulse Lavage with Internal Battery Pack

Pulse Lavage with Internal Battery Pack

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The Atris Pulse Lavage - Spine Kit Fan Spray Nozzle and Femoral Nozzle (long) System is a cost effective, disposable and effective cleansing device.

Product information:
  • Ergonomic design; Minimal set up; Easy to use 
  • Fast and effective removal of necrotic tissue, bacteria and other foreign debris 
  • High irrigation pressure (50-120 Kpa) and flow rate 700-1500ml/min, reduces the risk of fat embolism and infection rates
  • Provides a clean bone surface for maximum strength of the bone-cement 
  • Internal Battery Pack 
  • Complete set including 2 nozzles, hand piece, tubing and internal battery pack

Contents: 1 Pulse Lavage with 1 X Fan Spray Nozzle and 1 X Femoral Nozzle (Long)

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Why use pulse lavage?

Pulsed lavage (or pulsatile jet lavage) is commonly used in procedures like orthopaedic joint replacement (hip, knee and shoulder), wound care and trauma.

Using a combination of pulsed irrigation and suction, is perfect for wound debridement procedures effectively removing contamination and debris from the operating site. This ensures better visibility, helps prepare bone for cement and removes debris or microbes that can cause infection.

Why choose single use pulsed lavage?

Guaranteed to be clean and sterile every time, single use surgical instruments eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination between patients. This is particularly applicable to its role to reduce surgical site infections (SSI). 

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