Electrosurgical Neutral REM Electrodes for Neonates with 3m Cable

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Skintact REM Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes for Neonates includes foam backing and soft hydrogel to create a better interface between patient and neutral electrode facilitating a more efficient electrical contact.

Includes 3m cable.

Product information:

  • Low skin contact impedance ensures neutral electrode stays cool
  • An enhanced adhesive border provides extra security  
  • Product: Skintact Electrode
  • Conductive Area: 34cm2
  • Size: Neonatal
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Weight Limit: 0,45 - 4,99kg (1 - 11lbs)
  • Quantity: 1 per pouch
  • Product code: RS23a30

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QUICK OVERVIEW: The round leading edge geometry of Universal Neutral Electrodes disperses current more efficiently thus maintaining a cooler interface between patient and neutral electrode.

Non adhesive lift tab facilitates removal from protective cover and patient after procedure with minimal skin trauma.

Shelf Life: typically 36 months for neonatal neutral electrodes 24 months

Overlapping Gel: This unique technology minimises the risk of burns because of elimination of aluminium edge exposure.

Quick‘n‘Easy: Where applicable shoulder tab enables theatre staff to easily lift the neutral electrode off its protective liner without damaging gel or creasing aluminum.

Waterproof Backing Materials: Flexible low profile foam used in RS and RO series and low profile fabric backing for WR series are impermeable to liquids and provide excellent security.

Easy Tracking: Duplex labels on each pouch facilitate documentation workflow.

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