Electrosurgical Neutral REM Electrodes for Adults

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Skintact REM Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes for adults includes foam backing and soft hydrogel to create a better interface between patient and neutral electrode facilitating a more efficient electrical contact.

An enhanced adhesive border provides extra security should the neutral electrode be pulled inadvertently or come into contact with prepping solutions.

Low skin contact impedance ensures the neutral electrode stays as cool as possible during use.

Includes 3m cable.

Product information:

  • Low skin contact impedance ensures neutral electrode stays cool
  • An enhanced adhesive border provides extra security  
  • Product: Skintact Electrode
  • Size: Adult
  • Weight Limit: >15kg (33lbs)
  • Conductive Area: 120cm2
  • Quantity: 5 per pouch
  • Product Code: RS27

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QUICK OVERVIEW: The round leading edge geometry of Universal Neutral Electrodes disperses current more efficiently thus maintaining a cooler interface between patient and neutral electrode.

Non adhesive lift tab facilitates removal from protective cover and patient after procedure with minimal skin trauma.

Shelf Life: typically 36 months for neonatal neutral electrodes 24 months

Overlapping Gel: This unique technology minimises the risk of burns because of elimination of aluminium edge exposure.

Quick‘n‘Easy: Where applicable shoulder tab enables theatre staff to easily lift the neutral electrode off its protective liner without damaging gel or creasing aluminum.

Waterproof Backing Materials: Flexible low profile foam used in RS and RO series and low profile fabric backing for WR series are impermeable to liquids and provide excellent security.

Easy Tracking: Duplex labels on each pouch facilitate documentation workflow.

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