Sony LMD-2451MT

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The Sony LMD-2451MT combines Sony 3D professional technology with an advanced 24-inch LCD panel to display clear 3D pictures.
3D high definition medical monitor with advanced Sony 3D technology

Surgeons can also view images from multiple monitors whilst wearing light, comfortable polarized glasses.

Practical features include a user memory function and chroma phase control, while ChromaTRU technology contributes to optimised image quality.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

Pioneering 3D quality

The LMD-2451MT uses advanced panel micro polarizer filter technology to deliver clear, smooth, consistent pictures that are viewed with passive glasses.

Sony unique colour matching technology ChromaTRU

The LMD-2451MT helps to ensure more accurate colour consistency by means of a series of calibrations. The panel is individually calibrated so that RGB co-ordinates are consistent. A further calibration helps maintain white balance at a uniform colour temperature throughout all grayscale levels.

Multiple 3D formats

The versatile LMD-2451MT accepts various sources of 3D signal, such as 3D on 3G, dual stream left and right, field sequential and side-by-side HD-SDI, as well as DVI-D line interleave (line by line) mode. The display can accept almost any signal ranging from SD to HD video, as well as PC signals via its DVI-D or HD15 connectors.

Natural gradation and accurate colour reproduction

In order to ensure images have a smooth, natural gradation, the LMD-2451MT uses an advanced 10-bit digital video signal processor.

Gamma curve selection

The LMD-2451MT offers users the choice of DICOM or CRT 2.2. as sometimes, the accuracy of images does require a different gamma curve

Mirror image

The surgeon’s assistant can view a mirror image of the surgeon’s own display, in order to assist with more convenient manoeuvring of the camera.

Multiple display modes

A choice of different display modes includes picture-out-picture, side-by-side split screen, zooming, and viewing live video all help to view images simultaneously.

Compliance with medical standards

This product is distributed to the US and EU as a medical device and satisfies product safety standards (e.g. IEC 60601-1). 

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