Sony UP-27MD

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The Sony UP-27MD (UP27MD) Colour Video Printer for medical applications

Sonyʼs medical grade UP-27MD Colour Printer is the ideal choice for Ultrasound, Cardiology, and Endoscopy applications. 

Compact Design: 

Thanks to a compact design, UP-27MD fits easily into space-constrained environments, and can be rack-mounted, alongside other equipment, on medical carts.

SDI compatibility:

HD-SDI, SD-SDI and 3G-SDI inputs and outputs are available for smooth transmission of large video signals up to full HD 1080p resolution with less noise.

Large front LCD:

Its useful front operation and User-friendly LCD display with the white back light provide better visibility for intuitive operation.

Product information:

  • Compact design
  • SDI compatibility
  • Large front LCD
  • Stylish Design and Compact Size
  • Automatic Feed Roller Cleaning
  • SDI Compatibility
  • Front Operation and User-friendly LCD Display
  • Hue Saturation Value (HSV) Colour Adjustment and Colour Balance

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