Pink Pad
Pink Pad

Trendelenburg Positioning System

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Product information: 

  • High coefficient of friction - Our special memory foam practically eliminates any movement of the patient when placed in the "Steep-T" position. 
  • High Density Viscoelastic Foam - The high density nature of the Viscoelastic foam helps reduce tissue damage, skin abrasions and pressure ulcers. The natural properties of the foam retain body heat, thus helping to maintain normothermia.
  • Included Body Straps - A set of hook-and-loop body straps is included that easily attach to the accessory rail, helping to further secure the patient, especially when tilted. 
  • Strong Non-Woven Lift Sheet - The included non-woven lift sheet can be used for tradition patient transfer then utilized to wrap and secure the patients arms
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex, nano-silver additives or phthalates - Safe for patients and staff when possible allergies and prevention of leaching of potentially harmful compounds. 

TPS Kit includes: 

  • Disposable "Memory" foam pad
  • Lift sheet
  • Set of boyd straps

Positioning Kit, Universal - Code 601-582 - 6 Kits
Positioning Kit, Large - Code 601-580 - 6 Kits
Positioning Kit, X-Large - Code 601-582 - 4 Kits
Arm Protectors, Standard, Pair - Code 601-580 - 4 Kits

Also referred to as Pink Pad

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